Friday, January 13, 2012

Epic Kindle Giveaway. Eight free Kindle Fires. Now.

Epic Kindle Giveaway now going Mega Epic. You guys were so awesome that we had to upgrade as you stepped it up. Anyone can be epic. But can we be Mega Epic? The Kindle Fairy said there was only one thing to do: EIGHT FREE KINDLE FIRES!!

One Kindle Fire will be randomly selected from people sharing this message on Twitter:
Eight Free Kindle Fires. 28 free books. Now Mega Epic. Tonight. #epickindlegiveaway RT to enter

One Bonus Kindle Fire winner will be randomly selected from those sharing the Mega Epic Sheen contest picture on Facebook

The other two Bonus Kindle Fire winners will be awarded from the pool that the Kindle Fairy has been selecting over the past two days and will continue to collect until MIDNIGHT EST TONIGHT JAN. 13! So this is all happening NOW! All real. Nothing to buy. Just do what you are comfortable with. Have fun, stay safe, and be epic out there.

We thought this would be a few hundred of our friends goofing around, but what happened? You made it epic! You melted two contest counters (don't worry, those entries are safely stored and will count), you got this blog address blocked on Facebook, and you scorched Twitter. We love it!

All we're doing is giving away free stuff. Free books, free gift cards, free Kindle Fires. There's nothing to buy. Nobody has to do anything they don't want to do. We would want our friends to tell us if something crazy like this was going on, but that's just us. We're crazy. That's how we roll.

 We've given out $300 in gift cards so far and we're doing more tonight, including five $10 random winners on Twitter and Facebook for mentions of the free books and event. If you want to increase your odds of winning a Kindle Fire, there are several ways to enter. Each one is for a separate giveaway! 

We also have some new free books added to the freebie pile, so if you browsed yesterday, why not have a look and tell your friends? Make sure it says "Kindle price: $0.00" before you click, because we don't want you to buy anything! Free means free.

  • Spread the word about our free books on the Internet and we will find you. The Kindle Fairy is searching for news of our books and the contest to put in the Magic Hat--the list of names is growing. If you already entered, don't worry. Your entry is safe. If you can't enter where you want, we apologize and invite you to enter at all the other places!
  • Visit the book bloggers listed on the right and share their contest posts as instructed (participating bloggers vary by day). Book bloggers track all entries from their own sites.
  • Go click the Rafflecopter buttons below to let your friends know about the contest and the free books

Contest rules: Contest is international, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited by law or where people hate reading or free stuff. Winners selected using by the Watauga County (NC) Public Library staff, winners have three days to claim prizes or new winners will be selected.

We know we told you to share and like and stuff earlier, and if you did that, the Kindle Fairy was looking for you, BUT it is impossible to track hundreds of thousands of clicks. Rest assured, the Kindle Fairy is seeking out people who tell their friends and we want you to spread the word, but we want it to stay fun for everyone, too.

Gift card winners: Linda Kujaca, Holly M Bryan, LesleyBoogie, CourtCS, Kathy Bean, Kathleen Doyle, Tammy McDonald, Rhonda Wilson, Elizabeth Mobley Andrews, Helen Godbey, Elizabeth Mobley Andrews, Gail Holland, Debbie Booker Allen, Lauri Garrison, Amanda Vinson, Tracy Ball-Froehlich, and Jane Pierce. Winners have three days to claim their prizes or new winners will be selected. Prizewinners, please email epickindlegiveaway AT to receive your prizes! All GC winners are still eligible for the Kindle Fires. Be epic out there!

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  1. Thank you for this awesome contest!! I already feel like a winner having the opportunity to get my hands on some amazing books from the participating authors! Can't wait to read them all!
    Would love a Kindle though as I only have the app on my phone at the moment :)
    Good luck to everyone who has entered!

  2. I tweeted!!/MelonieJohnson/status/157882072512479233

    Feeling lucky, it's the 13th!

    Impressive list of books, btw!

  3. 13 is my lucky number so maybe I will win something. lol
    I did get alot of the free books. Thanks.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  4. Speed Dating with the Dead is NOT free on Amazon right now. That's one of the books I wanted to get.

  5. I tweeted it twice! Whoo hoo! You guys are awesome for even doing this. Thanks for the opportunity :) #epickindlegiveaway is the BEST!

  6. I can't wait to see the Winners List.