Monday, January 16, 2012

Epic Kindle Giveaway free virtual T-shirt and final contest!

Since the Kindle Fairy doubled our entire Epic Kindle Giveaway budget while we're weren't looking (up to $400 and eight Kindle Fires), we realized we had $50 left over. Since some people were late to the party, we wanted to offer a free virtual T-shirt.

Post this T-shirt on your favorite wall, personal blog, Website, or other virtual hangout space, and then email epickindlegiveaway AT yahoo dot com with the link address to be entered for a $50 Amazon gift card. Winner will be selected using by the staff of the Watauga County (NC) Public Library during the drawings for the eight Kindle Fire drawings.

We aren't trying to brag about this, because we know who did it, which is why we decided to share the epic news. YOU did it! You melted the Internet with us and got epic, and you made us a little misty-eyed. Luckily, the heat from your digital firestorm dried our eyes before the tears collected...<ahem>